Hello OFWs!!

My work at home has earned me P180,000 in the last six months and I only started to learn a year ago. Stay at home and earn a good living working online.

Welcome to the Online Filipino Workers Network! Where OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) are coming home..

I am Marie, a Filipina and a mother of a two-year old kid, I believe Filipinos should stay in the Philippines where we can be close to our families. I also believe that we need to make more money than we can in the Philippines. So, I became one of the growing numbers of OFWs or what we call as Online Filipino Workers.

I am learning how to make web pages and make money through blogging. I started a year ago and so far I’ve made Php 180,000, more than what I’ve earned working as an Accounting Staff in a private corporation. Earning this and more in just six months without even working full-time. Flexible work schedules, work where ever and when ever I want. I work at home and take care of my daughter at the same time.

Being an OFW is a very hard life, away from your family with nobody to take care of you and working long hours just to be able to pay the bills. The contract is locked on to how many years of service and you can’t get away with it. Added to this is a huge placement fee that you have to borrow from somebody else just to get you there. Alongside with some other debts that you’ve left behind before then. So why do this to yourself and to your family? If you can follow my simple plan of earning more than what you’ve earned before right in front of your laptop or desktop at home with your loved ones.




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